Construction Update

Here's What's Happening:

Plumbing and Electrical Rough-in on main building

Plumbing Rough-in for Kitchen

Masonry ongoing on the lower level

Continuing Steel Deliveries and Installation

Install bar joists, bridging and decking on roof

Fire Proofing continues

Duct Delivery

Install Decking on Upper Level

2 Week Look Ahead

What's happening this week and next:

  • Continue installing storm line
  • Install fire main in north road
  • Continue installing sewer
  • Install stone, wire mess, vapor barrier, and termite control
  • Continue pouring footings and foundation walls
  • Continue underground plumbing
  • Continue forming foundation
  • Continue backfill at retaining wall
  • Waterproof foundation walls
  • Begin placing slab in one area
  • Complete underground plumbing
  • Conduit for electrical outlets installing
  • Installation of crane pad and access road
  • Begin backfilling foundation walls


Construction Update

 I requested they move some dirt so that I could see what was happening on the construction site...they laughed!

Happening this week: 

  • Install rebar and pouring wall footings 
  • Tying wall rebar
  • Aggregate Piers
  • Sewer Line work
  • Removed power pole near old blacktop area
  • Graded area in back of school
  • Begin demo on north side of site (old blacktop area)

Next Week:

  • Form and place wall
  • Continue excavation of footings
  • Rebar and placing in footings
  • Complete aggregate piers
  • Start MSE wall
  • Start spread footings