Construction Update

 I requested they move some dirt so that I could see what was happening on the construction site...they laughed!

Happening this week: 

  • Install rebar and pouring wall footings 
  • Tying wall rebar
  • Aggregate Piers
  • Sewer Line work
  • Removed power pole near old blacktop area
  • Graded area in back of school
  • Begin demo on north side of site (old blacktop area)

Next Week:

  • Form and place wall
  • Continue excavation of footings
  • Rebar and placing in footings
  • Complete aggregate piers
  • Start MSE wall
  • Start spread footings

Construction Update 7-26-19

Construction Update 7-26-19

Happening in the next 2 week:

  • Asphalt for the additional turning lane into the school from Reed Road will be completed
  • Foundation rebar is arriving
  • Completing concrete pour of site retaining wall
  • Begin digging footings for the building pad
  • Continue installing manholes and piping
  • Complete covered walkway from Griffin parking lot to KSE
  • Install additional fencing around former blacktop area




Update 7-119

Hi Everyone,

In the next 2 weeks you will continue to see excavation work on the 3-5 campus.  Interior work is continuing to establish the new learning commons and administrator office.

At the K-2 campus technology installations will be completed and furniture will be delivered.

Please watch for detailed information the week prior to the start of school.

 Super cool video...


Construction Update

Construction Update 6-27-19





Two Week Look Ahead:

  • Continue excavating for building pad
  • Continue installing underground pond
  • Continue backfilling underground pond
  • Complete demolition of existing learning commons building
  • Complete demolition of interior items at new learning commons area
  • Complete tree removal
  • Install shelving in new learning commons
  • Georgia Power on site to start relocating overhead power lines
  • Sawcut and remove asphalt west of existing building
  • Continue footings for site wall B


Quick Video:



Construction Update June 15, 2019

What to expect in the next 2 weeks:

Continuation of grading on the property in the front and on the side.

Cement retention wall installed.

FYI: The drainage system you see going in at the front of the property is an underground system.  Once installed, the new parking lot will cover it.

Inside: Continuing to create admin office in the former hallway to the Learning Commons.  Working on the new Learning Commons area upstairs.

At K-2: All new portables are in place.  Electricity, technology, decking, etc will be happening.


Construction Video #2