2 Week Look Ahead

What's happening this week and next:

  • Continue installing storm line
  • Install fire main in north road
  • Continue installing sewer
  • Install stone, wire mess, vapor barrier, and termite control
  • Continue pouring footings and foundation walls
  • Continue underground plumbing
  • Continue forming foundation
  • Continue backfill at retaining wall
  • Waterproof foundation walls
  • Begin placing slab in one area
  • Complete underground plumbing
  • Conduit for electrical outlets installing
  • Installation of crane pad and access road
  • Begin backfilling foundation walls


Construction Update

 I requested they move some dirt so that I could see what was happening on the construction site...they laughed!

Happening this week: 

  • Install rebar and pouring wall footings 
  • Tying wall rebar
  • Aggregate Piers
  • Sewer Line work
  • Removed power pole near old blacktop area
  • Graded area in back of school
  • Begin demo on north side of site (old blacktop area)

Next Week:

  • Form and place wall
  • Continue excavation of footings
  • Rebar and placing in footings
  • Complete aggregate piers
  • Start MSE wall
  • Start spread footings

Construction Update 7-26-19

Construction Update 7-26-19

Happening in the next 2 week:

  • Asphalt for the additional turning lane into the school from Reed Road will be completed
  • Foundation rebar is arriving
  • Completing concrete pour of site retaining wall
  • Begin digging footings for the building pad
  • Continue installing manholes and piping
  • Complete covered walkway from Griffin parking lot to KSE
  • Install additional fencing around former blacktop area